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What We Do

LEAP provides site investigation, geotechnical design, and environmental consultancy services. LEAP's aim for every project is to assess risks, and deliver solutions in a manner that is leading edge, efficient, accurate and punctual.

Leading edge

LEAP is at the forefront of the current technical and regulatory changes that affect this industry and is constantly seeking to exploit those changes to the benefit of our clients. For example, LEAP has been able to translate some of the work it does for Local Authorities under the Environmental Protection Act to the work it does for developers under planning, resulting in some cases in substantial cost savings to the construction projects in question, as demonstrated in the Featured Projects section. Similarly, LEAP's site investigation and remediation design skills refined by years of experience of redevelopment projects have resulted in significant cost savings on its local authority projects – see Featured Projects


LEAP is able to provide in-house services for site investigation, which saves on costly sub-contracting, and simplifies project management from a client perspective by providing a single point of contact for all projects. LEAP has excellent ties with a wide range of contractors and can also provide budgets, and specifications for all aspects of construction including for example specialist remediation – see Featured Projects. LEAP's methods of statistically robust site investigation design can also provide cost savings during data collection, without impairing the validity of the information obtained. This is explained further in one of the Featured Projects.


By thoroughly understanding soil and groundwater and acknowledging the limitations and uncertainty in investigation and risk assessment, LEAP is able to target resources to the critical components of a project to ensure that the optimum information is achieved from any given budget.


LEAP prides itself on the timely and consistent nature of its work. From site attendance, through to report completion, LEAP understands that time overruns cost money to our clients and are a common cause for complaint in the investigation industry. Communication is a critical aspect in this respect, and all of our project teams are accessible by email and telephone whether in or out of the office.