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Investigation Design


3.4_overview.jpgDetailed design of site investigations is often overlooked.  It is well understood that statistically robust investigations give rise to higher quality data, and hence more accurate assessment of geotechnical and geo-environmental risk.  This leads to more economical design.

LEAP routinely employs off the shelf and bespoke in house software to design statistically unbiased site investigations. Knowledge of the statistical coverage of investigations means that the confidence in a particular dataset can be communicated to stakeholders. Perhaps more importantly, where data confidence is high, certain other conservative aspects of design may be able to be reviewed, thus facilitating value engineered solutions.

Budgeting and Planning

Historically the site comprised part of a gas works and was more recently a builder’s yard. Contamination associated with the site’s former use and buried structures including gas holder bases and liquor tanks were anticipated on site. The site is located on a principle aquifer (Chalk) and adjacent to a sensitive tidal river. Redevelopment of the site with housing was proposed.
LEAP was appointed to carry out a review of the previous investigation reports carried out by others and to produce quantitative risk assessments for both human health and controlled waters for the site to provide remedial targets for site clean-up.
Seven intrusive investigations undertaken by various parties had identified elevated levels of petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), phenols, cyanide and Polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) as well as heavy metals in the shallow soils. Groundwater sampling detected similar contaminants in the shallow groundwater. Slightly elevated levels of TPH, PAH, phenol and metals were also detected in the deep groundwater within the chalk. River water samples both up and downstream of the site contained traces of cyanide.

LEAP is also able to provide these services at quotation, or preliminary risk assessment stages, with a view to optimising budgets for inspection and targeting resources to the most critical areas.


Project Overview


Sevices Provided

  • Vast experience in site investigation design
  • Bespoke in-house solutions for statistical assessment and unbiased sampling design
  • Particularly suited to large / complex investigations or where additional information is required to support a large existing dataset



Added Value

Designing the right level of intrusive investigation is the key to providing robust technical solutions in a timely and cost effective manner.

LEAP can add value to existing data using adaptive infill investigations, thus avoiding costly replication of effort.

LEAP’s unique investigation design techniques and experience has won a number of large contracts, and delivered significant cost savings to clients.